Heal your heart, purify your soul and Discover "You" in an Amazon Experience 


A 15-Day Sacred Journey In the Amazon Rainforest With guided Sacred Ceremony to Open your Vision, Heart and Mind to A Powerful New Year

1/10 - 1/25

Healing Retreat

Working with an Indigenous Shaman, this inner journey will provide a unique opportunity for a week-long series of sessions with the use of plant medicine specific to the treatment of each person’s physical and spiritual healing.

Daily excursions to the local village will offer fresh food for a cleansing diet and an intimate immersion into nature. 


Join Sebastian Hernandez and Eladio Melendez as they take you on a journey of extraordinary places and amazing inner spaces.


All Inclusive Trip


Food, Shelter, Medicine, Shaman Experience, Transportation.

Sacred Healing Journey


Heal your heart, purify your soul and experience how Pacha Mama works through the plant medicine to show you the answers to the questions you've been seeking so profoundly.

Participate in Documentary


 A documentary focused on healing the soul through plant medicine and shamanism. 10 participants will be filmed through their transformation process

 Trip Overview 

 Reserve Spot 

(5 out of 10 spots are left)


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